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Decorative mason jars

filled with small treats

for a creative gift

One of my coworkers got a job offer to work as the Head Creative Writer for a publishing company in Santa Monica. She accepted the job. Who wouldn't accept a job based solely on the fact that she would no longer have 30 plus minute commute through LA traffic. She took my advice. Even though I was very happy for her it put me in a predicament; I now had to buy her a going away present. My idea was to make her instantly popular at her new work place so I bought... 2 Mason Jars

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with Jack newcombe

       When I got the idea to start a podcast that centered around becoming a well-rounded, modern woman, I began with a little research. First, I examined my life and the areas where I have grown and the areas where I want to continue to grow. Next, I looked at my friends and family, what do they do well and what inspires me. And last, I went to the internet where I found countless blogs and magazines for women that covered all kinds of topics from health and fitness to baking.
       One topic that stood out to me was developing negotiating skills. If you want to work in a corporate environment, you have to be able to negotiate. If you want to get a good price on a car, you have to negotiate. Merriam - Webster states that Negotiation is...

Podcast in Print

Welcome to suzie homemaker

My first project

Welcome to the first Suzie Home Maker on the Down Low Podcast in Print. My goal for this Podcast and Blog is to Educate, Empower and Entertain. I want to help you to live life to the fullest, by sharing my experiences, retelling history and giving you tools to help make your life your own. Each Podcast will focus on a different task that can help make your life better by saving you money or giving you story material for your next dinner party. At the same time, I hope you will have fun and use your creativity!

In the words of Julie Andrews "Let’s start at the very beginning.” One the first crafty projects I took on by myself had a surprisingly great outcome. My sister and I decided that we were going to start a company that sold home made accessories. That included earrings, bracelets, necklaces and headbands. The day we started the headband project we bought some ribbon and a few plastic Headbands...

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M I L K W E E D  love

With the lovely and talented,

Meghan scibelli

Today's Podcast goes back to my goals. I want to inspire my listeners by sharing what inspires me. Today we have an amazing guest who's confidence and talent gives me a tremendous amount of hope that I will be able to achieve whatever I set my mind to. She has obstacles and challenges just like anyone and yet she is able to share her creativity with the world. If only the rest of the world could jump in like Meghan... M I L K W E E D

with guest catherine Digiacomo

Catherine and I both work for Creators. We have lots of things in common, but one thing we do not share is our alma mater. Catherine went to UCLA and I went to USC. There is a fair bit of animosity between the two schools, but Catherine and I have found a way to rise above. Watch the promo video to the left  to see some of the common ground we have found. The full video-cast below will give you some great recipes and tips for life, friendship and baking...Bake Off!

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Good for your Gut

With nutrition guru christen struefert

Today I got to sit down with my personal nutrition guru, Christen Streufert. She is the person I go to to bounce ideas off of, verify information and just chat about the latest nutrition news. She is my aunt, which of course leads me to trust her, but more importantly her advice is usually followed by an email with a link to a study or other trusted source. If she doesn't know about it she will find out and that is why I asked her come onto my podcast...Good for your Gut

blog exclusive

Make your own kimchi

recipe and tips from katie and christen

Kimchi, also know as Korean Saurerkraut, holds some unexpected health benefits. Fermented foods, like kimchi, are rich in probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that help keep your digestive system functioning correctly. They also help keep the amount of bad bacteria in check. Eating foods like Kimchi, Kefyr and Komboocha are great ways to keep your digestive system healthy, but these foods can be expensive follow this recipe to save money and be healthier… Make Your Own Kimichi

Blog Exclusive

festive-ize your holidays

4 ideas to bring more cheer

     It is the middle of December and most of us are thinking about our shopping list, instead of enjoying this fabulous season! Christmas is a time to celebrate the special people in your life. If you think you need a little more glow or mistletoe this Christmas, simply read on. If you are looking to start new, fun and festive traditions, read on. If you are already swamped with fabulous Christmas parties, games and sugar plum fairies, read on for fun!

     The purpose of this blog is to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas: "singing Loudly for all to hear!" Kidding, I don't know the meaning of Christmas, but I do know that there is more to it than expensive gifts and extravagant parties...Festive Holiday Ideas

A Practical Discussion

     of wine

with syndicated wine columnist Robert Whitley

     I love wine because it is such a social beverage. There is something special about the conversation and sharing that takes place around a bottle of wine. It truly brings people together. You may be asking yourself "how does wine fit into Suzie Homemaker?" Well, I think that selecting wine can be an intimidating process. I want to give my listeners the tools to be successful in selecting wine that they and their friends can enjoy. My goal is to inspire you to try new things, to be better hosts and hostesses and increase your enjoyment of life's simple pleasures.  There is so much to learn about wine and it is a really fun hobby once you have the tools to enjoy it. Read on for helpful tips from Robert Whitley...Wine

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Philanthropy is showing "goodwill to fellow members of the human race." Western culture has changed the definition of philanthropy to mean giving large sums of money. The idea that giving money is the best and only way to help others is nonsense. The Ancient Greeks lived in a society where the goal of life was to give back to your fellow man. So much can be accomplished when individuals take care of each other. The dikokore designs podcast focuses on Heather Schultz. Heather is the type of person who lives her life in a manner that supports and encourages her comm She spent 2 years in Africa with the peace corps and she is the co-founder of  dikokore designs, a company that supports women's education in africa…dikokore